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A complete marine drive through the heart of dubai .lovely yacht is the only charter company to own its own fleet, Setting the industry benchmarks & standards, makes us pioneers in yacht chartering. Our experience and specialist knowledge enables us to anticipate and cater for the particular needs of your individual party.

Azimuth 68 ft

Azimut Yachts serves the customers at all over 130 sites worldwide. It boasts the world's most expensive ride for yachts and megayachts in Dubai, with respective offices, boatyards, service points and information centres located in Dubai

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Astonda 58 ft

Astonda yaches servs you with a comfortable ride through the heart of marina. The lovely ride that we provide with a best time will pressure you to do more with yaches.Astonda yacht ride is preffered by the tourists from nearly 30 countries in the world

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Cruiser 48 ft

Yachts are different from working ships mainly by their leisure purpose, and it was not until the rise of the steamboat and other types of powerboat that sailing vessels in general came to be perceived as luxury, or recreational vessels

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